Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Chit Chat

20th September, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were crazy work wise... there was so much to be done that i could not go vegetable shopping. As a result, we had no veggies at home at all on Friday evening! Had to ask dear FIL to get some coz me was headed out with hubby... We attended a kiddo b'day, one of those family things and hence I got off work at 4:00pm, told my big boss I can't take his call (in my defense, I had a deadline to beat and wearing a sari while talking is not easy!)

So this is what I wore to the party...

Saree - Roop Sangam, Chiffon with Gara embroidery
Shoes - White flats, previously posted here.
Bag - Silver evening bag

There's lots to be written but no time right now... :(


  1. That's a nice saree. Keeping my fingers crossed my wife doesnt see this picture. Why do you always cut out your face?

  2. Very pretty.Hope u had a nice time