Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Training and Movie

Yesterday was a super busy day. I was up early to do the breakfast and lunch and wound up the kitchen chores early morning. As I sat down with my breakfast, I switched my pc on to have a look at the emails. (Yeah, I am that kind of person who replicates all their mails at home before leaving for work. It’s practical you see... at home I have broadband. I can then look at them, plan my day and reply to them at ease during the commute to work, which is on a data card bandwidth) The deluge of mails kept me on the table till about 9.45 at which I shrieked, got ready in 5 minutes (ok, ok, it was 15 not 5) and was out of the door. Reason for the shriek? I had an 11:00 am con call and only a miracle was going to take me from my place to office in under an hour. I called mom on the way, chatted for a while and used the painful red lights to apply nail paint ;) while cursing the delay it caused me.
It wasn’t a day for miracles and so the call started while I was still en route. Everyone heard the honking of Delhi’s insane traffic in the few minutes I was speaking! The day went on normally till about lunch, usual fire fighting, calls, etc… all in the day’s work. That was when hubby told me his credit card statement had similar entries from the grocery store and on two separate days. We spent a good half an hour before calling it quits. I spent an insane amount of money this month on grocery L I think we need a budget…
I was to deliver a training post lunch and when I landed in the room, neither the projector, not the LAN ports were working. The IT and admin were happily absconding and so I delivered this training from my desk! Can you believe it? The 4 trainees sat behind me and peered at the screen over my shoulder. There were some participants on call as well and we had to halt the training every time one of my neighbours had a visitor or a call. One of the neighbours was also my boss and I have a feeling he was listening in all the time. About 5 minutes into the call one of the remote participants gets another call on her phone and puts us on hold. Music blared thru the speakers and no one could hear a thing. We had to wait for a good ten minutes before her highness was back. She wasn’t even answering her cell! God, some ppl just forget these little things. After the training I was random facebooking and discovered Bejeweled Blitz! Loved that game… am addicted in a mere day!!! This addiction caused me to stay at office and take my 7.30 call from office… (I did kick myself when I realised the time)
So I got back home at 9.30 and made dinner… it was a hasty affair and by the time I wrapped up, HBO had started showing Princess Diaries. How I enjoyed watching that one. Me and hubby laughed all the way to the climax. This is one movie where I liked the film better than the book. The other one was The Devil wears Prada. The Anne Hathaway factor perhaps? At one, I was ready to crash but hubs wanted to cuddle. That was when the villain stepped in. It was this nasty boil on my underarm that’s been giving me a rough time for over a week. I was almost in tears even if my arm moved an mm. And that’s how I slept – worried over next morning’s lunch and teary due to the boil.
The only happy thing that happened in the movie… ah, not a very good thing I’d say… I have to visit my tailor. He messed with the last dress I gave him and the alterations are still pending. And I am due to wear that dress on Wednesday… oh Golly!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Woman in There

Today was a typical work from home day for me. Last evening it rained lots here and traffic jams were a plenty. So today, I decided to stay put at home and grunge it out. Toward afternoon, I was bored of working and grunging. It's nearly evening and I have yet to shower (yikes!), my room is a mess and work was very slow. So I have to quicken the pace or bear the brunt when boss calls :(

But before I do that, a bit about me... I am a 27 year old married woman living in Delhi. I work for a large Indian company and it requires me to put in fairly large number of hours. That and the insane drive to work leave me with no energy to do house chores everyday and they get pushed for the weekend. On rare days that I arrive early from work, I prefer doing the marketing like getting groceries, veggies etc. I live a fairly routine (read boring) life and my passions of reading and writing have been pushed to the farthest corner in the hustle bustle of everyday life. I guess that's why I started this blog... so that I can reacquaint myself with writing, even if it is nothing profound or interesting! I have even been inspired by the daily Outfit Of The Day posts I read on some other blogs (OOTD they call it) and was wondering if I should do that. Am no fashionista, but recently have been experimenting a lot with my look....

Anyone still reading this ought to be congratulated... this was all about me me me... and I think thats what this blog will be about. Me - the daughter, the sister, the wife, the DIL, the professional... and a Woman in There Too!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello, World!

Hi, this is a woman who lives multiple roles everyday... this is an attempt to chronicle my life... the everyday routineness that will make me the person I get to be years down the line...