Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Chit Chat

20th September, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were crazy work wise... there was so much to be done that i could not go vegetable shopping. As a result, we had no veggies at home at all on Friday evening! Had to ask dear FIL to get some coz me was headed out with hubby... We attended a kiddo b'day, one of those family things and hence I got off work at 4:00pm, told my big boss I can't take his call (in my defense, I had a deadline to beat and wearing a sari while talking is not easy!)

So this is what I wore to the party...

Saree - Roop Sangam, Chiffon with Gara embroidery
Shoes - White flats, previously posted here.
Bag - Silver evening bag

There's lots to be written but no time right now... :(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some colour and new hair!!!

15 September 2009
I finally got that coveted hair cut... yeah!!!

I decided on the spur of the moment to leave, the stylist was free and I didn't have to wait.... This time I was very vocal about what I wanted and not let the stylist do whatever they pleased. Am so so glad I did that :)
Another thing he did is let my hair dry naturally. He just let the dryer do its work and i could see how the cut would look after I shower and let it loose to dry. Who really does that? None of my stylists ever have... So now I have a pretty good idea of how much I need to maintain it on a day to day basis and what needs to be done for occasions... as you can see, I am happy!

So now over to yesterday's outfit...
 Kurta - White and Maroon Printed with embroidered waistband, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi
Leggings - Maroon, local Market, Deli
Sandals - White strappy sandals, Bata
The kurta has a lovely waist detail, an embroidered band with sequins on it... **blingy**... I know :)

Have been listening to Lata, Rafi and Hemant Kumar for 3 straight days now. I never ever tire of the 50s, 60s and 60s music... from being an Asha and Kishore fan during school and college, I converted to this triad a few years back... can go on living on this music...!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back again

My hiatus was not self imposed... they seldom are! A flood of work and a flood of rains are to be blamed... I have been telecommuting since the last 2 days and been lounging around in my sweats the whole day.... so as you can see, no OOTD post opportunity. What I wore to work the rest of the week was not pic worthy... i know... **sniff sniff**

There is so much to write about, the last week was action packed... a lot happening in my life right now and I am not sure about some of the changes.... they may be for the best, but I am confused... more so because everyone around me has an opinion and I don't.... I don't want to do any thing right now, as there is a danger of disturbing the balance and peace in my life... if the last few lines did not make sense, fear not... this rant was to just get some of the negativity out of my system.

The weather is GLORIOUS today.... too much to be cooped up indoors... I so badly wanna go out and take a nice long walk.... sigh! Maybe I'll do it on my own if hubs does not want to accompany...

Am also itching for a haircut... real bad.... my stylist left the saloon she was with and joined a training academy. The new stylist at the saloon made a major mess of my hair :( and they hiked the prices, nearly one and a half times. It was an expensive place to begin with and with the new hike, its way too unreasonable. So bu-bye to them. But I have to find a new saloon. Last week, I found a decent one and fixed up an appointment. It was a weekday. I wanted the cut so bad that I told my boss I was going for it and left early... Can you imagine my shock when I reach there and realise I am out of cash and no debit card... :( I only had my credit card and the saloon didn't have a credit card machine!!! Can you believe that? It was apparently a new place and the machine was yet to be installed... and am back to the hunt now...

This time, i want something different... I ma thinking shoulder length cut and bangs to go with it... I would love to get highlights, but being the lazy bum I am, I would not be able to maintain them. Not to mention the hard, chlorine filled water in our area that damages the texture. So no highlights, just a straight, trendy cut...

Ever since I started reading fashion blogs, I have become extremely conscious of what I wear and what risks to take. There are a few new pieces waiting in my wardrobe. And I solemnly swear to wear them once the rain is over and I am back to normal life.... In the meantime, my blog will have meaningless rants only... sigh!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Second Day, Second boring outfit

3 September, 2009

This outfit was completely uninspired... something I threw on quickly in the morning. What I was looking for is comfort. Comfort in the 19 odd degree temperature at office and hence the long sleeved kurta and leggings. I am completely sold on to this kurta and legging trend. I hope it stays for a long long time.... I have 3 leggings now - white, black and maroon. I am hoping to pick up the brown or beige depending upon what matches my new kurtas better :) And I am totally gonna pick some new kurtas too.... yippee!

Now back to the boring part...

Kurta - Double shaded Mehndi / Olive green and maroon in cotton, Nalli, Delhi
Leggings - Maroon stretch leggings, local market, Delhi
Shoes - Red sequined shoes, street near Osho ashram, Pune
Bag - Everyday black woven leather, Singapore

The best part about this kurta, apart from the colour is the pleating detail and golden buttons. This kurta was actually a part of a complete set, maroon salwar and long maroon and green dupatta. The fit of the salwar is not too good so I have started wearing that at home. I pulled out the dupatta yesterday and am half sure to turn it into a top! As for completing this outfit, I pulled out a chiffon stole and slung it around my neck. Totally forgot to take a pic of that... But here is a close up of the detailing on the kurta since they don't stand out in the full length pic...

And the shoes... those beautiful shoes... :) mum picked them for me... they are so blingy, I love them.... :) 
(ignore the nails... i need a pedi!)

That's it for now. I am staying at home today... so will either end up in sweats or something wacky... letsee how this day turns out to be... 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The most boring OOTD post ever

Not that anyone has been reading this blog, but I had said in the last post that I will start an OOTD series. Which means that I will post my outfits of the day. Why? Do you ask? Because I believe that I am a boring dresser and need to liven things up.

So here it is, my first ever OOTD pic -

**** no drum roll ***** no ta - da******

T shirt - Orange with embroidered neckline, Shoppers
Shirt - Faded black button down, Sri Lanka
Jeans - Naturally distressed blue denim, Pantaloons
Shoes - Tan sandals, local market in Delhi
The only accessory I had on was a black woven leather bag that I picked up on my last vacation from a flea market. That and my regular silver Titan watch, everyday earrings and bangle. Now that I have my new camera (yay) and a renewed inspiration to maintain this blog, I hope I will be styled better... Amen!